Driven by ceaseless curiosity* and armed with a deep understanding and experience in digital culture, I specialize in radically improving how brands and people connect. 

*about everything from culture, brands, design, communication, user experience, etc

Helping businesses find their voice, strengthen their online footprint, develop compelling content that inspires, entertains and educates their audience while simultaneously exceeding business objectives...that’s my bag. The digital landscape is packed with opportunities for brands to establish meaningful connections with their audience, I’m here to help navigate the terrain.

With a background in advertising and the visual arts, I’m a conceptual thinker with both a creative and strategic point of view. I value and enjoy digging in to both the quantitative and qualitative data (I know, nerd stuff), everything from theory to real, personal experiences. 




web & social media

marketing communications

newsletters & editorial




portraits & branding

social media content


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content & editorial calendar development

organic & paid social media marketing

analytics reporting


Nice words

from clients & employers

Lauren is smart, very smart. If she doesn't know how to do something, she will learn. Lauren has a great eye for photography, and a strong voice for writing. When she pairs these two skills, she shines. Add in her social media and tech savvy and you'll see Lauren at her best. I enjoyed working with Lauren, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again. – CHRISTY
Lauren made every job fun with her positive personality. Her photography and creative skills are a bonus to any job and helped in so many ways with our fast paced company. She has great mastery of digital and social media and I was so thankful to have her on our team. – BRAD
I worked with Lauren for almost two years at Pure Sculpture, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Lauren is one of those colleagues that not only brings her creative talents but also brings energy and humor to the room. We often called Lauren a "triple threat" since she came to our company with photography, writing and social media experience. With this diverse background, Lauren was often asked in staff meetings by the executive team to share her expertise and recommendations on various projects. Need beautiful imagery for a new product line? She can do it. Need to build a website on the fly? No problem. Establish a social media presence? Done. Lauren clearly brought significant value to our company. I see Lauren going a long way in her career. Anyone would be fortunate to have her as part of their creative team. – HAYDEN
Lauren is a self-motivated, committed, talented and enthusiastic person. She is thorough, detail-oriented, and loyal. Some of her many strengths are writing and editing. Lauren works well with teams as well as she does independently. She has a passion for the arts and the community. She was a delight to work with. – KRISTIN
Lauren is a creative problem-solver who understands the complexity of business. She has warm personality and never lets the pressure get to her. I enjoyed working with Lauren. She is talented in so many areas that I look forward to seeing where her career takes her! – DIONNE

Random bits about me...

I’m unapologetically obsessed with long road trips on quiet highways, forgotten buildings and desolate landscapes, 50+ year-old cameras and of course, the film that goes in them. I’m typically clad in some version of a denim tuxedo and seven pounds of turquoise, citrine, pyrite, and sterling silver. Ok, maybe not seven pounds but I do love a great ring stack. I dig culture-rich travels, a good cup of coffee (black with a dash of sugar, please), books-zines-paper (long live the printed word!) and life-altering (but super simple) meals with my husband, family, and friends. 

Based in Dallas, Texas*

*love to travel and work with clients around the world!